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Throughout the ages mankind has been interested - nay - obsessed with the word so. When nothing else springs to mind a person will revert back in their mind to what's important to them and utter the immortal word "So -" (or "So then -" if they are not so spiritually pure.) So seems to embody all that's right with civilisation. A reasurance. A beacon through the dark times.

So is an interesting word litterally as well. It is used in all the acknowledged classics of literature - Great Expectations, Pride and Prejudice, Macbeth the list goes on.

So starts with the letter "S" and continues on to the letter "O" seemlessly before cutting abruptly off and reminding us of the inner tranquillity of nature.

Oh yeah, and give us all your money.

What do you mean you're not interested? - what the fuck did you expect to get when you pressed on the word so you silly insignificant little git.

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