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THIS WEEK: Lord Oinkhead Applebaum IV, who was recently involved in an incident with a millitant fishing group, shall be writing about 'Why everything's so sickening'

'Everything is entirely sickening though, isn't it?

Well, it makes me sick.

Like the stupid sods who belong to MENSA and sit around being clever. Oh please!

Is it actually possible to get less than 150 on an IQ test? In fact have you ever heard of anyone doing one and not getting exactly 175? Never 174 or 176, always 175. Do they actually remember that IQ is defined as having an average of 100?

And would someone like Einstein or Nieztche have worked out that the big Indian is the little Indians mother? Has anyone from MENSA ever actually achieved anything? In fact I think MENSA is cursed. Anyone who joins will be doomed to never achieve anything, ever.

[see myself, Lady Batwright, Lord Hoghedge, Ron Gibber, Ogodelpus, Serendipity, Robert Melloo and E. R. Leicester's Official Sad Git's League Table.]

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