1997 - Two Years And Counting...


Well, that's a good start I must say. My logo doesn't even fit on the screen with all that rubbish at the top.

MegaMEGAmoo? Er... he had to leave, yes that's it leave. You see these nasty - I mean nice of course - ha ha ha - people from the government came looking for him - and well - I told them he'd left of course. Nothing to moooo with me - do with me - ha ha ha. Er... eugh. I think what with this final solution for mad cows he has gone into hiding. There may be a hidden page somewhere, ahem cough.

For a time, I have set up a special arrangement. This may only be temporary, but it is now possible to access Ogodelpus' Chamber without a copy of OgodibrowserTM. (See about for details). So - welcome trial users! I have selected certain pages from the full 984 available, and put them right here on the title screen. You can even link to other pages from these pages so perhaps hundreds of pages are available to you. But to get the most out of Ogodelpus' Chamber you should really buy OgodibrowserTM.

Opinion: Why everything's so sickening

The main problem with world wide web pages, the news, mensa. Read Lord Oinkhead Applebaum's exclusive article about things he feels strongly about. Next week on Opinion, E. R. Liecester speaks about the cruel practise of using pigs as saftey deposit boxes.

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What's happening to Britain?

Okay, joking apart. Over the last few years some extremely dodgy things have been happening to our fine country. You never seem to hear about them over the media but I assure you, you are not the only one who's worrying. If you come from Britain and you read nothing else on this page, read this.

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You may have noticed that I have started including adverts on this page. We've all got to make a living you know. And hey, never mind you like adverts - adverts are our friends - adverts are our friends.


Today's tune - the muppet theme tune (instrumental version).

Da da dadum de da da...

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Microsoft latest

Hot on the heals of his attempt to corner the internet market old Bill makes a new anouncement, has he gone too far this time? Ron Gibber reports exclusively for Elite Report. A regular feature here on Ogodelpus' chamber.

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Fish-Protection back in the public eye

After the recent resumption of activites by the Fish Underwater Catching and Killing Oposition - Fighting Fishing, we allow them a page to justify their activities. Are fish really more important than people?

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Advertisment feature


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