What a load of trousers the double-u double-u double-u (or world wide web for short) is. I wouldn't bother to waste your time on it if I were you. Quick! Save yourself! You've only got three hours to run away while the next tedius page loads!

The Links to Other People's Pages Page

Here's some of our friends pages - have a nice day.

Wolf's Page

The Doctor's Page

Jon Howard's Page

Robert Melloo's Page
He's ~Serendipity~'s boyfriend, so I s'pose we'd better give him a link <g>

helva's page
What a peachy background she has. We wanted to nick it, but we aren't like that here. Then the evil woman went and stole ours. You can't trust anyone these days :-)

The Village Elder's Home Page

Morgiee's Page

TeeGee's Page

WindChime's Page

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