The Fish Underwater Catching and Killing Opposition - Fighting Fishing!

Fishing: Stop the madness!

Recently blood sports have at last started to slip from favour. We no longer tolerate cock fighting. We no longer allow badger baiting. Fox hunting is frowned upon, and will probably be next. But fishing, the most disgusting blood sport of them all has been forgotten. Why?

We don't like to use the word fishing. We prefer 'fish hunting'.

Poor old fish. Not only do anti-hunting groups not campaign about them, but some vegatarians even eat them. Even Jesus Christ Himself had no sympathy for fish. When asked to perform a miracle to save His life, prove the existance of God and unite mankind under one religion for ever more, he refused. And yet he was willing to come back from the dead just to kill a whole netful of innocent fish.

It was regrettable that we at the Fishing Underwater Catching and Killing Opposition - Fighting Fishing have had to resume our old tactics of tying fishermen by their tongues to the bottom of rivers - but we needed to bring the matter to the attention of the public. The media is still entirely biased towards fishermen. They try to portray us as cruel or in some way unreasonable or insane. Whilst the real killers, the fish hunters are portrayed over and over again as harmless old men. WELL HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF ONE OF THESE SO CALLED HARMLESS OLD MEN BURST INTO YOUR HOME, OFFERED YOU A TRIFLE, THEN PULLED YOU DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF A BIG RIVER BY IT FOR YOU TO DROWN AND BE EATEN, HMM, HMMMMM? WOULDN'T LIKE IT WOULD YOU? WELL? HMMM???

We have been consistantly misquoted in saying that fish are more important than people. This is incorrect. Of course we don't think that! - We just think that fish are more important than fishermen.

Fish hunting: The facts

Next time you take your seat to heartlessly devour a helpless fish - remember these facts, you scumbag

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Who needs it more, you, or God's own creature - the fish!

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