Are You Depressed? You Will Be After ...

The Depressives Page :'-(

Dun Dun Dah Dah Daaah DAAAAH!!

Are you? (in alphabetic order):-

And down right pissed off?


Things Wrong With the World

All life on earth is doomed to an untimely end because of the following:-

And besides, the sun which is vital for all life on earth will blow to smithereens eventually anyway. Some god's little 'exploding cigarette' joke no doubt.

And everything's not exactly peachy right now, is it?

There are wars all over the place, famines, religious intolerance, racial hatred, just plain hatred, disease, poverty, oh and biscuit crumbs in your tea. There is just nothing worse than getting crumbs in your tea. I am so depressed.

Let's just pray there's an after life. (No offense about the exploding cigarette, God)

Have you noticed how when celebrities are talking about when they were depressed, they always say "... well of course the doctor gave me pills, but they didn't work and I got better on my own after that".


"Life's a bitch, and then you die" - Woody Allen

"Today the refridgerator, tomorrow the world!" - Garfield

"We will fight them on the beaches." - Winston Churchill

"One of the worst things in the world is not being able to find any quotes about depression" - MegaMEGAmoo

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