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Ogodelpus' chamber comprises hundreds of pages of information. It links to over 2000 external pages of organisations (including the prestigious page of The Organisation Supporting So's Everlasting Radiance) and individuals, painstakingly chosen by a process of reading through every single page on the WWW. You can search through it or access specific pages by page number if you own a copy of OgodibrowserTM v1.4 (shareware - registration fee 69.99 + VAT or I'll send the boys round). Alternatively you can access highlights from the opening screen from which you can link to links to links both internal and external - but this method lacks the convinience of OgodibrowserTM. Above all Ogodelpus' Chamber is commited to giving you the truth and is oposed to all forms of propoganda (except adverts of course - ha ha ha).


The body of the text and images were created by Ogodelpus

I would like to personally thank the Executive Board of Everything for much information about things-in-general-y'know.

With slightly less grovelling thanks to (the money of):-
Aadvark international
All branches of Annoyance league
        Cat breeding center
        Dog tormenting to induce barking center
        Putting up big steel poles from the bottom of the ocean to stop America from sinking center
        Polythene bag handle weakening center
        Support and funding of daytime televison center
Anorak Anonymous
Anti-Aliasing warl yoo wate inc.
Atlantic Ocean Classification co.
Automatic goose pluck
Transfer interupted!